IG5A Inverter


Powerful & Upgraded Performance

iG5A provides sensorless vector control, PID control, and ground-fault protection through powerful built-in functions.


Sensorless vector control


The built-in sensorless vector control provides the superb speed control and powerful high torque.


Ground-fault protection during running.


The ground-fault protection of output terminal is possible during running.



Analog control from -10V to 10V



Inputting analog signals from -10V to 10V provides user-friendly operation.

Built-in PID control

The built-in PID function enables to control flow-rate, oil-pressure, temperature, etc without any extra controller.


Built-in dynamic braking circuit

The built-in dynamic braking circuit minimizes deceleration time via braking resistors.


Built-in 485 communication


The built-in RS-485 communication supports remote control and monitoring between iG5A and other equipment.


Wide product range

iG5A consists of the product range from 0.4 to 22KW.